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Shadowfax Funding Solutions Limited was set up by Andy Bissett in 2020 at the height of the pandemic.   Ali Bissett joined the business a year later in July 2021.  Steve Smith joined the business as Head of Property in July 2022.  Together, we have nearly 50 years of combined experience working with company owners to scale their businesses and overcome hurdles by using creative finance.

Andy looks after the business finance side of things specialising in invoice financing for small businesses and, multi-million-pound corporations. We found that invoice financing completely transforms businesses. By improving cash flow, companies large and small grow quicker than they ever could have expected.  So whether you need one single invoice paying earlier, or a facility to grow, we can help you.

Steve looks after the property side of the business specialising in bridging and development deals as well as commercial mortgages for business owners.  Whether you are looking to purchase your first investment property, do a refurbishment or build a multi property development from the ground up, Steve has seen it all before and can navigate you to the right lender.  We have lenders that will lend up to 75% Open Market Value as well as lenders who offer 0% interest for the first three months on bridging products.

Ali ensures that Andy and Steve are up to date with all the admin and works hard to streamline processes and procedures to help clients faster.

Creating strong relationships is at the heart of what we do. We achieve this by consistently going the extra mile to find funding solutions that benefit our clients.


It isn’t just rates that we look at…

We also analyse how these funding options will impact the growth of your business in the long term. Besides building strong relationships with clients, we also build them with various invoice financing companies. This gives us access to better rates that aren’t available by going directly to the lender yourself.

Why Speak With a Broker for Invoice Financing?

When you speak directly to lenders about invoice financing, you’re only getting access to their products. This is like booking a flight without checking comparable prices. You’ll get what you want, but it won’t be at the best price.

As a broker, we know what a good rate looks like. More importantly, we know which invoice financing companies are currently offering the best rates, so we can secure them for you.

When you work with us to find a business invoice financing deal, we become part of your team. We’re always on hand to help you with questions that you have; we also continuously scan the market – so if a better deal comes up, we’ll let you know.

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You can learn more about Shadowfax and our other funding options by clicking here.

For enquiries related to business invoice financing, contact us directly through this website by clicking here. We’ll take all the information needed about your business and bring it to our list of invoice financing companies. Once we are satisfied that we have found a deal that is right for you, we’ll let you know. You always get the final say.

From finding the finance to dealing with the paperwork, we’re here with you every step of the way. Click here and contact us today to discover which finance solutions are available for your business.

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