Asset and Equipment Finance

Empowering your Business with Asset and Equipment Financing

Welcome to Shadowfax Funding Solutions, your go-to source for asset and equipment finance that bolsters your business’s growth and efficiency. Whether you’re looking to acquire vehicles, plant machinery, or even solar panels, our tailored funding solutions are designed to enhance your cashflow and facilitate the procurement of essential assets.

Unlocking the Benefits of Asset and Equipment Financing

Opting for asset and equipment finance is a strategic move that helps you secure the necessary tools for your business’s operations and growth. Here’s how it can be advantageous:

  1. Preserve Capital: Protect your working capital and ensure smooth daily operations. Our financing solutions help you avoid the burden of sizeable upfront payments, safeguarding your cashflow.
  2. Compete Effectively: Gain access to the latest equipment and technology. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging cutting-edge solutions in your industry.
  3. Financial Flexibility: Experience repayment plans that are in tune with your business’s cashflow, allowing for a more streamlined budget management process.
  4. Tax Advantages: Depending on the tax laws in your area, you could enjoy tax benefits. These can include deductions on depreciation and interest, enhancing your overall financial strategy.

By choosing Shadowfax Funding Solutions, you not only preserve essential capital but also align your business expenses with your credit insurance and cashflow, ensuring financial health and business agility.

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Vehicle Finance

Whether you require a single company car or an entire fleet of vans, our vehicle finance solutions are designed to swiftly and affordably get you on the road. Key advantages include:

  • New and Used VehiclesCompetitive RatesBespoke Terms: Customise repayment terms to align with your business’s financial situation.

Plant and Machinery

Acquiring or upgrading essential plant machinery is a critical need for many industries. Our plant and machinery financing options encompass:

Diverse Range 

Swift Approvals

Flexible Funding



We understand that equipment is the backbone of many businesses. Our equipment financing options make the process easy and efficient, including:
Streamlined Process
Versatile Options
Quick Access: Get the equipment you require promptly, minimising disruptions to your operations.

Solar Panel Financing

Investing in sustainable energy solutions like solar panels can significantly reduce energy costs and your environmental footprint. Our solar panel financing offers:
Green Financing: Support your eco-friendly initiatives with affordable financing for solar panel installations.
Energy Savings: Use the savings from reduced energy bills to offset financing costs.
Tax Incentives: Explore potential tax incentives and rebates available for renewable energy investments.

One-Off Purchases

For unique, one-off purchases that don’t fit into conventional financing categories, we offer flexible solutions for:

Specialised Equipment: Finance specialised tools or equipment essential to your industry.

Tailored Packages: Create customised financing packages that meet the specific requirements of your unique purchase.

Our Philosophy 

At Shadowfax Funding Solutions, we go beyond providing financing solutions. We foster strong relationships with a diverse network of lender partners, ensuring that we can secure the best deals and terms for your business. We make the process easy for you, enabling you to focus on what you do best—growing your business.
Unlock the potential of your business with our asset and equipment finance solutions. Whether you’re looking to expand your vehicle fleet, upgrade machinery, acquire essential equipment, or embrace sustainable energy solutions, Shadowfax Funding Solutions is your trusted ally. Contact us today to discuss your asset and equipment finance needs, and embark on a journey toward business growth and success.

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