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Bridging Finance is all about speed.  Securing properties that are unmortgageable is one of the ways that Bridging Finance can help.

Bridging lenders will secure funds on the open market value even if your purchase price is less.  Some lenders will go to 100% of the purchase price in this scenario.

Shadowfax Funding Solutions has access to the whole market and also has exclusive relationships with specialist bridging lenders who will consider all circumstances.

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Why Use Bridging Finance?

Maybe you need short term property finance to fill the gap between land purchase and development costs. Maybe you are looking to purchase your next property before you’ve sold the first. Bridging is a versatile form of finance that gives your business the quick cash injection it needs. Upcoming opportunities and unforeseen costs are the two main reasons you may need bridging. Unexpected tax bills can cripple the most prepared businesses. Regardless of your reasons, this is the best form of finance to get you from point A to point B.

Am I Eligible for Bridging Finance?

Like all forms of commercial finance eligibility can vary. Different bridging lenders have different lending criteria and product options. Not all of them are going to be right for you. Just because one lender says you are not eligible doesn’t mean there isn’t a lender out there who says you are. By using Shadowfax you get access to our list of over 150 different lenders. With so many options to choose from eligibility is not so big an obstacle.

To check your eligibility for bridging finance you can contact us today by filling in our contact form here.

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